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Plastering Services

Whether you're renovating, refurbishing or redecorating your home, it is always important to have smooth walls and ceilings to work with in order to achieve a great finished result. The top coat surface of plaster gives walls a smooth and workable surface for decorating, and like many things, the art is in the preparation. This is when you require the skills of a specialist plasterer to make sure that your surfaces are expertly plastered and hide any imperfections, especially if you are intending to have a painted finish.

Keenan Coatings have mastered the art of plastering interior walls and ceilings in both domestic and commercial premises. We plaster to create smooth sheet-like surfaces using the best quality products. The exceptional plaster finishes that we produce create ceiling and wall surfaces that are literally ready to decorate with paint or cover with wallpaper.

Interior Wall Plastering

Plastering for Old & New Walls

If you are renovating your home and have original walls that need plaster repairs, patch-work or skimming can bring them back to a smooth level surface. Typically we will seal the walls with a PVA adhesive and use fiber tape to scrim over cracks before applying a new top coat of plaster to the wall to give a consistent smooth finish which masks any imperfections.

In modern buildings and extensions, exterior walls are typically constructed using breeze blocks and the interior walls the built using studwork and plasterboard. These are then finished with a top coat of plaster skimmed over the wall surface to give a consistently smooth plaster finish. Apart from plastering the walls, Keenan Coatings can of course offer Plasterboard (Gyproc) remove and replacement service.
Smooth & level finish ready for decoration


Skimming is a top-coat of plaster which is used to cover-up superficial blemishes and restore the surface of a wall or ceiling to a smooth and level finish. Typically skimming is used where old wallpaper has been removed and caused surface damage, or where there are minor scuffs and abrasions to the surface of a wall or ceiling.

In all cases there is a only certain amount you can achieve using a filler and rubbing the walls down. Even after your great efforts the surface may still look uneven. This is when skimming the surface comes into its own, because it gives you a consistent, clean and smooth surface to which you can then apply paint, wallpaper or tiles. Skimming is ideal if you are intending to paint the surfaces of your walls and is an effective way of achieving smooth contours on your walls and hiding minor blemishes that would become more noticeable and even exaggerated by covering them with paint.

Coving & Artex Removal,

In many cases, we have also fitted new coving to give that extra luxury finish, leaving the surfaces smooth in readiness for the decorators. We can provide decorative plaster moulds around the ceilings and top of walls in a house. They come in a wide range of choices, put up with the highest standard of craftsmanship by Keenan Coatings for a fantastic finish.

Artex is no longer fashionable for many people so we are often asked to remove it. We provide an artex removal service whereby we can cover it and make the ceilings look smooth and even again.

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Plastering Services
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